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Visiting Music City USA

Nashville is the perfect city to host your next scoring sessions. Some of of the advantages of recording in Nashville are:

  • No more than a 4 hour flight from anywhere in the USA
  • We have numerous incredible hotels and AirBnB's at reasonable prices
  • Everything is close together. Hotels, studio and great restaurants are seldom further than a few dollar Uber Ride!
  • Great food!
  • Southern Hospitality. It does exist and is one of the reasons Nashville is consistently ranked as the most friendly city in the USA.
  • 100's of great studios and 1000's of incredible musicians
  • Fantastic nightlife where you can have your choice of hearing just about any kind of music you can imagine.
  • That Nashville "vibe". It is hard to describe but everyone can feel it. It comes from being a city where music is front and center of the lives of so many people here.

Come to Nashville to experience what our clients have come to love. For more information on Nashville, please visit the Visit Music City site here: