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Why Record in Nashville?

Many people do not realize it but, while some other cities record more movie scores or TV jingles, far more records are recorded in Nashville on a yearly basis than any other recording center in the entire world. Not only are the quality of Nashville’s recording musicians second to none, but they are the most versatile musicians in the business. Nowhere in the world can you find expert Movie, Video Game Score, Rock, Country, Classical, Jazz, Bluegrass, Gospel and Christian recording musicians all in one place. Some points on what makes us different:

As opposed to most cities, almost all of Nashville’s recording musicians work in the studios full time. This is not a side business. This is all we do and we have been working full time in the recording studios for decades.

Our many years of experience of playing together allow us to work quickly and give us a uniformity of playing similar to that of a symphony orchestra or professional string quartet. Little time is lost spent working on style or articulation.

We all understand the music and can quickly grasp how it should be played. This is not something that a symphony musician can easily grasp or understand. Nor is this something that a group of freelance musicians who have all been thrown together in a recording studio can accomplish in a short amount of time. We routinely record projects in a fraction of the time that other cities take.

There is no style of music we cannot play and play well. Nashville musicians have played everything from Movie & Video Games scores to Garth Brooks to Amy Grant to Bruce Springsteen to Elton John to Motley Crue to Neil Young.